Datadog is the leading monitoring platform and offers a robust suite of tools and technologies to help companies of all sizes run efficient and reliable software. Datadog was founded in 2010 and has grown to employ more than 1,000 employees across the globe. 

Datadog's Brand Design team is responsible for all of the branding and marketing design required by many teams at Datadog, both internally and externally. As part of this 10-person design team, I was personally responsible for Event and Conference graphics, blog/hero illustrations, landing page design, as well as many ad-hoc design requests for internal Marketing and Events teams.

  • Full Time, In-house
  • Company: Datadog
  • Creative Direction: Hyun Auh, Nathan Manire
  • Collaboration and Design: Gabby Sudjono, Sunny Lee
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Isometric Hero Illustrations

A short series of illustrated typography featuring the names of some Datadog integrations.

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Office Wallpaper Illustrations

For Datadog's new office in Paris, we designed a set of wallpapers for the conference rooms. Since the office was multi-floor, I came up with a system to match the floor level with the number of sides on each polygon used in the designs. While the 8th floor would have an octagon, the 4th floor is designed with squares. Additionally, I used different colors to differentiate between different sections within the floor itself.

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Dash 2018 – Keynote Presentation Design

During the weeks leading up to Datadog's first Dash presentation in 2018, I was the lead designer in charge of the entire execution of the keynote presentation. I was responsible for personally liaising between multiple departments, as well as with external speakers, in order to design, deliver and oversee the final Keynote presentation to be used at the event itself.

See the whole Keynote presentation here.

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"Unleash" 2019 Holiday Party

As the lead designer for Datadog’s “Unleash 2019” party, I was responsible for executing and managing all of the design for the company’s yearly celebration. Located in NYC’s American Natural History Museum, we had over 1,400 people in attendance.

Design applications included: Food menus, animations for video screens, graphics for use across bar, lighting, wayfinding signage, company timeline, and photobooth backdrops.

  • Creative Director: Hyun Auh
  • Illustration: Alex Kurr
  • Motion Graphics: Ynon Lan
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